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How to Use the "Car Memory" in TruLink

April 3, 2018

One of the most difficult hearing situations is when you’re in a car, whether you are driving or not. The loud roaring of highway traffic and rough concrete of the street below make for a noisy environment where speech can easily get drowned out.

In NuEar’s Made for iPhone® hearing aids, we can program a Car Memory that helps improve speech understanding while driving. This memory helps to suppress road noise and focus on conversations in the car so you can enjoy the drive safely.

Here are the three most common questions we get about the Car Memory from our Made for iPhone hearing aid users!

  1. How is the Car Memory activated?

    Put simply, your hearing aids use GPS location and various other inputs to activate the Car Memory. Car Memory is activated when speeds of 10 mph or more are reached.

  2. What happens to my Car Memory if I get stuck in traffic?

    If you’re stuck in traffic and travel below 10mph for longer than 2 minutes, then your memory setting will reverse to whatever memory was previously in use. For example, you had a long meeting at the end of the day and were using a memory called “Normal 2.” You leave the office and turn on Car Memory. Five minutes later, you end up stuck in stand-still traffic. After sitting still for two minutes, your hearing aids will change back to “Normal 2.”

  3. Can I manually select another memory while the Apple® device is operating in the Car memory?
  4. Yes, the automatic Car Memory feature will turn off. A prompt will appear alerting the user to this and Car Memory will need to be re-enabled as automatic under “Apps Settings” in the TruLink Hearing Control App.

This blog was originally published on www.starkey.com.


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